Zero2Hero Series:

is a comprehensive range of courses for the discerning individual (beginner/intermediate) to learn about digital photography, digital filmmaking and TV production using the DSLR or equivalent tool.

Each course is structured with step-by-step fundamentals and systematic workflow for you to reap from this effective pedagogy in self-paced learning. Available in print, online video & workshop. (Details to be release later)

A unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical assignments to enhance your learning experience.

Simple to Understand,

Easy to Learn,

Systematic to Adopt 

Practical to Accomplish.



  1.  Your 1st Indie Photo-Journalist Shoot

  2.  Your 1st Indie Portrait Shoot

  3.  Your 1st Indie Product Shoot

  4.  Your 1st Indie Fashion Shoot

  5.  Your 1st Indie Wedding Shoot

  6.  Your 1st Paid Gig As An Indie Photographer


indie DIGITAL FILMMAKING concentration

  1.  Your 1st Insight To Indie Digital Film Production

  2.  Your 1st Indie Film Script

  3.  Your 1st Indie Film Shoot

  4.  Your 1st Indie Film Edit

  5.  Your 1st Indie Documentary Shoot

  6.  Your 1st Indie Music Video

  7.  Your 1st Indie TV Commercial

  8.  Your 1st Pay-Off As An Indie Filmmaker


indie TV PRODUCTION concentration

  1.  Your 1st Insight To Indie TV Production

  2.  Your 1st Indie TV Script

  3.  Your 1st Indie TV Episode On A Single-Camera Production

  4.  Your 1st Multi-Camera TV Studio Directing

  5.  Your 1st Indie TV Entertainment Special

  6.  Your 1st Pay-Off As An Indie TV Producer

Zero2Hero Fees: Based on individual coursE.

Each Zero2Hero course is an open-ended course. You are free to choose one specific course or as a cluster of courses under one professional disciple concentration. There is no evaluation from the Media Coach. Evaluation is only for the Going Pro Series.

INDIE : Independent a.k.a I'm Not Dead, I Evolve!