A travel photography guide book to fulfill the desires of a travel seeker and photographer. Whether you are traveling alone in a self-planned journey, as a member of a group tour or with friends and family, there's always a need for Shooting Memories: A Travel Seeker/Photographer Guide to inspire you on your next travel destination.

Photography is more about the capturing of the fleeting moments than about the high technical specifications of the capturing tool. Although the technical excellence of the camera with its comprehensive functions and features from a professional DSLR does augment the capturing process beyond a simple point and shoot camera or a smartphone it is still the abilities of the photographer to bring home the memories within the limitation of the capturing tool. The photographer's adept in photo-taking and the joy of achieving the capture is the ultimate process. And this photo guide will provide the insights with a broader aspects of the capturing process with the intuitiveness of a creative mind's eye of a photographer and the zeal of a travel seeker whether you are shooting with the top-notch camera of the year or the selfie smartphone.

The Travel Plan, Travel Photography, Shooting Memories & What An Experience! - Four comprehensive chapters to help you get the most out of your travel and photography. Introducing the secret formula and drill shooting method: TQAFSS - a unique pedagogy in travel photography.

Shooting Memories: A Travel Seeker/Photographer Guide will be available by 28 November 2015.

Talk: Shooting Memories: A Travel Seeker/Photographer Guide will be held on 28 November 2015 in Singapore to launch the book.