28 November COTHP Workshop

Another great workshop with smart, fun and easy-going participants. They understood the Exposure Triangle so effortlessly that made my teaching a brief. And the positive testimonies from the workshop participants made my day!

Includes KISS92FM Celebrities: John Klass and Charmaine Yee.

What these lovely people have to say about the Concept of the Hand Photography (COTHP) Workshop:

"Cliff was detailed and considerate with our basic level of photography" - Charmaine Yee of KISS92FM Radio.

"The workshop above everything else opened up my mind to the various ways of looking at photographing subjects & ways to approach it." - John Klass of KISS92FM Radio.

"This is a fantastic course for beginners who have no prior knowledge of photography. Clifford engages a very casual and friendly approach, which makes learning the basics fun and easy." - Olivia Chey.

"In a short 3 hours, you get to learn all the core fundamentals of photography! Simple, Easy & Fun! Well worth the investment!" - Wong Wai Meng

"Never knew ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed does play a role in taking a good perfect shoot. Putting the regular handphone camera skill to a camera is not good enough until I got to know & attend this COTHP Workshop. It is definitely worth it." - Daphne Gay.

"Gained a good understanding of basics of photography." - Anne Yee.