Roy's Submission

Media Coach Comments: This is a very interesting subject taken while you were traveling on a coach during your vacation. Subject selection is important and you have discovered a unique one.

Digital photography in post-production can enhance an image but the most important aspect is to know what to shoot and capture and the rest is easier to make adjustments. Well done here.

COTHP Method: Thumb (SUBJECT): Interesting. Index Finger (EXPOSURE): Properly exposed. Middle Finger (COMPOSITION) : Center as exception to the rule. Good. Ring Finger (DEPTH-OF-FIELD): Medium to Shallow. Pinkie Finger (Quality of Light): Mixed of Hard & Soft Light.  Palm (APPROACH): Low angle-Level. Back of Hand (Color/Monochrome): Color. Wrist (TECHNIQUES): Not Applicable.

PHOTO: DSC_0986 : Roy's submission on Shooting Assignment: SUBJECT (COTHP Thumb)

DSC_0986 Rainbow.jpeg

Coach Suggestions: Increased the contrast and saturation of the photograph to bring out this contrasting image with emphasis on the rainbow and the colors of the signboard and green-tinted widows.

The signboard states" Hospital" and the "Rainbow" makes a metaphorical connection. It's a personal preference which I felt would bring out more meanings to an image. Let the viewers interpret your visual statement.