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Photoshoot Workshop & Travel Expedition One: South Vietnam

This specially crafted photoshoot workshop and travel expedition is a gift for the travel seeker/photographer who wants to maximize shooting opportunities to bring home vivid photographs as well as having a fulfilling travel experience learning about the cultures, landscapes, and cuisines of our destinations. Enrich your photography skills and live your travel dreams in this one-of-a-kind learn and grow program.




COTHP Workshop Participant’s Joy In Shooting With The Mind’s Eye!

It’s photo submission from COTHP Workshop participants like Roy which fulfills my role as a Media Coach.

Here’s is Roy’s Joyful Experience:

"Hi Cliff,

While walking to the carpark to collect my car, I passed a shelter walk-way and thought it would make a nice picture. Using the COTHP method I knew I had a good SUBJECT. Then, I made the EXPOSURE which were two shots. Remembering the compositional guides in COMPOSITION (page 23 of the COTHP Mag) I used the linear line to compose the element within the frame.

I used a smaller aperture to give a deep DOF to illustrate the long walk-way. I decided to use COLOR for the shot as the blue and white motif was interesting. And finally I had to wait for a “stranger” much like how you taught us at the Workshop on how to enhance a photo with extra element to show warmth and scale comparison for shooting buildings which seem “cold” without the human element.

And the best of this joyful experience was that these two shots were taken momentarily in my head before raising the camera. Now, I know what’s the joyful feeling in photography by shooting with the Mind’s Eye. I quickly took out my Sony camera to capture the shots and now I am proud to show you what were the shots taken in my head visually.

Thank you for changing my way of seeing things photographically with your remarkable COTHP method. Like you said a life-long skill-set learnt in a short time. I am still learning and developing the skills. Using my hand as a visual guide had make everywhere a new place of interest and the camera in my head is always there ready to shoot." ROY YONG

Season's Greetings!

Christmas season brings lots of shooting opportunities for the photographers. It's filled with vibrancy in terms of decoration, lifestyle and a time for reflection for the year's doing.

Have you been a joyful shooter throughout the year? Or you have been the photographer who neglected your good old faithful camera for the entire year and the guilt propels you to bring the metal jacket out of the closet? Or you just brought home a new "mistress" the model of the year? And your Christmas wish is a brand new camera from your loved ones?

Whoever the photographer you are there's only one thing: Shoot!

Wishing All Shooters Happy Holidays & Heaps Of Meaningful Shots!

28 November COTHP Workshop

Another great workshop with smart, fun and easy-going participants. They understood the Exposure Triangle so effortlessly that made my teaching a brief. And the positive testimonies from the workshop participants made my day!

Includes KISS92FM Celebrities: John Klass and Charmaine Yee.

What these lovely people have to say about the Concept of the Hand Photography (COTHP) Workshop:

"Cliff was detailed and considerate with our basic level of photography" - Charmaine Yee of KISS92FM Radio.

"The workshop above everything else opened up my mind to the various ways of looking at photographing subjects & ways to approach it." - John Klass of KISS92FM Radio.

"This is a fantastic course for beginners who have no prior knowledge of photography. Clifford engages a very casual and friendly approach, which makes learning the basics fun and easy." - Olivia Chey.

"In a short 3 hours, you get to learn all the core fundamentals of photography! Simple, Easy & Fun! Well worth the investment!" - Wong Wai Meng

"Never knew ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed does play a role in taking a good perfect shoot. Putting the regular handphone camera skill to a camera is not good enough until I got to know & attend this COTHP Workshop. It is definitely worth it." - Daphne Gay.

"Gained a good understanding of basics of photography." - Anne Yee.

21 Nov COTHP Workshop - A Success!

Thanks to all workshop participants for making it fun, cordial and great rapport. I enjoyed having such wonderful participants. And your questions and enthusiasm makes the time flies quickly. Now you guys have learnt much about Subject, Exposure, Composition, Depth of Field, Quality of Light, Perspectives, Color/Monochrome & Techniques. Learning to develop the Mind's Eye is the way to go. Shoot with your mind before you trigger the camera will make you a thinking and reflective photographer. Waiting to evaluate your shots taken during the Workshop.

" Very easy to understand for a Beginner like me. Made it fun and interesting! Walk, Learn & Shoot Session made the theories come alive! Cliff explained the fundamentals so clearly & the analogies were simple to absorb. I totally enjoyed the workshop." - Connie Cho.

"Cliff has made photography very interesting & there is more than just point & shoot...even so it can be good photography. I would recommend any photographer (beginner or season) to attend Cliff's courses to learn his very simple to understand Concept of the Hand Photography to bring it to the next skills level even if it for self enjoyment and be happy that you have taken good photographs." - Philip Cho.

Group Shot taken by participant Roy using his wireless trigger to his DSLR.  Left to Right: Roy, Siew Inn, Connie, Cliff, Philip & Audrey.

Group Shot taken by participant Roy using his wireless trigger to his DSLR.

Left to Right: Roy, Siew Inn, Connie, Cliff, Philip & Audrey.