What are the course and workshop offerings available?

Our signature workshop is the Concept of the Hand Photography workshop, which is suitable for all who are interested in learning about photography including newbies. Our course offerings come under the two series: the Zero2Hero Series, and the Going Pro Series. Both Series cover the discipline for Photo, Digital Film & WebTV. 

You may choose to take individual, stand-alone courses and workshops, or choose a specific Professional Discipline Concentration (eg. the Indie Digital Photography Concentration), which comprises of a cluster of specific courses. 

Who are the courses for?

The courses and workshops are designed for the independent learner who wishes to broaden his / her knowledge in the field of photography, digital filmmaking and production, and online/web TV/video production. They are suitable for hobbyists, for those who wish to make their own indie web or digital media projects as well as those aspiring towards a media career. The Going Pro Series is aimed at the latter. 

Where are the courses and workshops held?

We offer a combination of location workshops / courses as well as online learning. Each course includes learning resources which can be downloaded. Please refer to the individual course/ workshop outlines for more details. Location workshops/ courses are held in Singapore.

What makes Concept of the Hand Photography (COTHP) different from the other photography courses?

It’s an innovative and systematic approach to learning photography that empowers students to be effective and efficient with a short-learning curve. Students can crystalize the fundamentals of photography in 24 hours. The method uses the human hand as a visual reference to remind the photographer of the fundamentals more easily and efficiently. It’s a formula and drill-encased. Most other photography courses have been taught in the same way for years, they give you a lump of photographic principles to digest. It’s scattered learning and you have to spend time understanding and connecting the dots yourself over a long period of time. 

How does being a COTHP Certified Photographer help me?

Students get their Shooting Assignments evaluated by the trainer. Comments and suggestions fortify the student’s learning and gives you a stepping stone to go further. Being a COTHP Certified Photographer offers you a distinctive accomplishment – it means you have mastered the method with amazing results. Plus, you become part of a global community of recognized COTHP Certified Photographers and enjoy the benefits of networking and participation in future events organized specially for this community.

How does being a COTHP Certified Trainer help me?

The COTHP Certified Trainer is for those who have mastered the COTHP method and wish to teach and share their knowledge with others. Obtaining the COTHP Certified Trainer status entails a critical evaluation process to determine the applicant’s knowledge, experiences and the mastery of the COTHP method. Successful COTHP Certified Trainers get to teach the COTHP method to other aspiring photographers in his or her own country, in their native languages or a language of their choice, and according to a recommended range of fees. In addition, COTHP Certified Trainers are expected to produce their own COTHP Mag for their workshops with specifications to be adhered to for quality and consistency. 

Are there other courses besides COTHP for me to learn and grow to be a media professional?

Yes. COTHP is the first and most essential of a multitude of courses for someone to learn about photography, film and TV production, in an independent manner. Learning is a step-by-step process and the courses developed take into the account the needs of the learner and provide the essential knowledge and experiences at each course. Self-paced learning is the key, and our courses empower you to take charge of your learning, using a multi-layered platform that includes online channels and e-books. An example is the Zero2Hero Series. Details are available at here.

What makes Zero2Hero Series different from courses available elsewhere?

Zero2Hero Series was developed to take advantage of the new learning tools that the internet provides. It has a unique pedagogy combining step-by-step gradual learning and a multi-layered cross-discipline platform with continuous assessment by a Media Coach. Using the core syllabus available in print, online or as a workshop, makes the learning process effective and efficient. Courses are crafted according four distinctive principles: Simple to Understand, Easy to Learn, Systematic to Adopt and Practical to Accomplish.

Why are there individual courses as well as a specific professional discipline concentration program?

Individual courses focus on the fundamentals of a specific subject and can be taken as stand-alone courses. Their open-ended subject learning enables the student to grasp the key essentials of the chosen course. For example, Your 1st Fashion Shoot is a course specifically on fashion photography, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of the subject.

On the other hand, the Professional Discipline Concentration Program is a cluster of individual courses for students who want a thorough and comprehensive learning package to enable them to transition into a career as a media professional. For example, the Indie Digital Photography Concentration comprises 6 photography courses, giving students a broad range of knowledge, exposure and experiences in a diversity of shooting scenarios so that they gain a deeper understanding of digital photography. The Indie Digital Photography Concentration includes the two signature courses: Concept of the Hand Photography and Shooting Memories: A Travel Seeker/Photographer Guide, in addition to other individual courses.

Can I just pick and choose individual courses without any professional discipline concentration programs?

Of course. The individual courses are self-contained with full explanations of the fundamentals and adequate practical assignments to give you the comprehensive learning to be a competent achiever in the subject area.