Going Pro Series:

is a one-on-one consultation media coaching sessions for those discerning individual who takes a serious stand of choosing a media discipline as a career profession. Going Pro Series is based on one professional discipline as one enrollment. Perhaps you might even want to accomplish all three disciplines in Photography, Filmmaking and Television to fulfil yourself as an Ultimate Indie Media Professional.

Students will be using the Zero2Hero series as base study material but with further advance supplementary materials and a distinct customised indie road-map to help your learning progress.

Students can enrol concurrently in both Zero2Hero Series & Going Pro Series to reinforce learning and expedite graduation.

How the Going Pro Series work?

There are two Going Pro Coaching Sessions per module conducted on a monthly basis with each speciality concentration.

Eg. Indie Photography Concentration comprise 6 photography courses under the Zero2Hero Series and 2 photography signature courses- Concept of the Hand Photography and Shooting Memories: A Travel Seeker/Photographer Guide. You will receive a total of 16 Going Pro Coaching Sessions.

You submit Shooting Assignments or Practical Assignments according to the respective course requirements to Media Coach Cliff Y for evaluation. Evaluation is only for students enrolled in the Going Pro Series. 

Media Coach will give you additional advance study materials, suggestions and advice on that specific course to enable you to accomplish a professional quality project for portfolio creation.

You have 9 months to complete one professional discipline with one professional concentration. July and December Vacation Breaks are excluded from these period. Extended completion deadlines are approved on case-to-case basis by Media Coach Cliff Y. An indie road-map and schedule will be given to each student as a reference guide.

Each course has two Coaching Sessions.

Sample breakdown of one professional discipline concentration - Going Pro: The Indie Photography Concentration.

Going Pro Series Fees:

Indie Photography Concentration: 6 courses from Zero2Hero Series & 2 Signature Courses = 16 Coaching Session for US$2,000.

Indie Digital Film Production: 8 courses from Zero2Hero Series = 16 Coaching Session for US$2,000.

Indie TV Production: 6 courses from Zero2Hero Series = 12 Coaching Session for US$1,500.

Ultimate Indie Media Professional Package for 3 professional disciples for US$5,000.

Residency Concentration Workshops WEEK In Singapore

In addition there are three optional Residency Concentration Workshops to give students real world projects to experience with top-notch professional equipment and even to work with professional crew and on real client's projects. Additional fees apply.

Residency Concentration Workshops Week is a week of specially crafted workshops in Singapore to give you professional experiences in each professional discipline concentration. You arrive on Sunday in Singapore to check-in. Workshops start on Monday - Friday. Saturday is Graduation Ceremony. You can extend your stay in Singapore on your own choice. We will help you to facilitate the extension. 

Each professional discipline concentration has one Residency Concentration Workshops Week.

Residency Concentration Workshops Week starts with Indie Photography Concentration (Week 1), Indie Digital Film Production (Week 2) and Indie TV Production (Week 3).

Three professional discipline means you stay for 3 weeks in Singapore for an ultimate media professional experience.

Conducted only in June and December period with a minimum of participants. Details to be released later. 

For potential students - please consult Media Coach Cliff Y prior to enrolment for the Going Pro Series.