Your Benefits:

Distinctive Recognition Of Accomplishment: COTHP Certified Photographer.

Global Recognition: Listed on website as COTHP Certified Photographer with link to photographer’s website or social media for world-wide networking.            

Shooting Assignments Evaluation: Professional comments from Media Coach to reinforce your learning.

COTHP Certified Photographer Personalised Logo:  For use in personal website, name-card & social media.

Qualified Participant: For Lucky Draws & Competitions.

Official Certificate: COTHP Certified Photographer.

How To Be A COTHP Certified Photographer?

  1. Apply for the COTHP Certified Photographer Evaluation.
  2. Complete COTHP Workshop or Complete learning from COTHP Book or Online Course.
  3. Submit Shooting Assignments For Evaluation.
  4. Certification Process.
  5. Application Fees: US$100. ONE-TIME PAYMENT ONLY. NO ANNUAL FEES.

Certification Process : COTHP Certified Photographer

  1. 15 Shooting Assignments : Subject (1Photo), Exposure (2 Photos), Composition (2 Photos), Depth of Field (2 Photos), Quality of Light (2 Photos) Approach (2Photos), Color/Monochrome (2 Photos), Techniques (2 Photos).
  2. Information Included: (a) Metadata : ISO, F/no, Shutter Speed & Camera make.
  3. Submission in JPEG files.
  4. A short two to four paragraphs on your feelings (joyful, frustration, stressful, new discovery...etc) on this submission. 
  5. Detail guidelines for submission available only upon application for the COTHP CERTIFIED PHOTOGRAPHER.
  6. Certification process approximates 2 weeks to four weeks.


Your Shooting Assignments will groom you to become a better photographer by using the COTHP systematic approach.